Monday, November 9, 2015

The Hungarian railway's train numbering system...

...will revolutionize railways as a whole in Hungary.

Let me chalk it up to all of you who haven't experienced this brilliance yet. This system is going to simplify memorizing different trains by reducing them to four categories:


1.) "személy" - lit. "passenger train"; stops everywhere (marked as S##, where ## is the number of train)
2.) "gyorsított" - "sped up"; skips a few stations (marked as G##)
3.) "zónázó" - "semi-express" (lit. "zoning"); stops everywhere until a set point, skips everything afterwards (marked as Z##)
4.) "express" - stops at one-two stations between terminals (marked as X10) (fun fact, only one of this exists so far, and that only goes back and forth once a week)


Also, it'll give them neato letter/number marks like this:

Do you know how much easier these combinations are to remember than "that one train which goes to the capital"? Seriously, I want to thank the genius who came up with this.