Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random, Meaningless Ramblings #1: "Children's Cartoons", "Games for Children", and How Inappropiate They Are

Hello again, everyone!

As I've said before, the next protest in Hungary is supposed to be on November 17th, and even if it's brought to an earlier date, it's going to be a long, looong time from now.

So, until then, I'm going to talk about other stuff as well. And I'd like to start this off by talking about how inappropiate and harmful today's things "for children" really are.


Let's start off with what made pushed me over the edge:

That's right: Neopets has created a freaking plague doctor mask as a buyable item, and no one raised an eyebrow. Also, it's supposed to transform into something else over time, so I'm getting 99% sure they're gonna make an Ebola joke out of this.

 But that's not the only inappropiate thing in today's media for children. For example, there's the show which has an intro equivalent to an acid trip:

Or there's the show which, while not for children, certainly looks like one at first glance, and which I hopefully don't have to introduce to anyone reading this:

(If you don't know what this show is, congratulations, your childhood wasn't ruined yet.)

Or, for a more recent and brutal example, there's The Boxtrolls. (The entire following section is wholesale copied from this video.)

The plotline of this movie, which has a PG rating can be perfectly parallled with race-based genocide, specifically the Holocaust. No, I'm not kidding.

(I'm not even going to write down what that's implying. Figure it out yourselves.)

The entire story is about the Boxtrolls, who are hunted down by a paramilitant commando led by a politically aspirant lunatic. Their reasons for this, which they spread across the town, is that the trolls are racially inferior to humans, harmful, and parasitic.

With a massive media campaign, they get the people to move to their side, then they start to systematically hunt down the trolls... before collecting them in a labor camp.

When the trolls are there, the people make them work until they're no longer needed, when they try to remove them all at once after they were crammed into one place. 

...But that's a freaking cartoon for children!


So yeah, I hope I've proven to you how screwed up today's games/movies for children really are.

Can we evade things like this in advance? Sadly, not always.

Remember Jonas Brothers? Yup, that band of teenagers which had a show on Disney Channel, made a foundation for children and whose first popular song was a Christmas prayer? Now, that seems like a nice band at first glance, right? Those are people you'd easily let near your children.

Let's have a flashback to 2009, when the Jonas Brothers had a pretty infamous performance, parodised in South Park.

Yup, you didn't expect that one coming. Don't worry, no one could've.

So, is this completely hopeless on our part? Should we just put our children into Waldorf schools to preserve their sanity? No, of course not.

While the stuff I've detailed is clearly harmful and inappropiate to not just children, but in some cases everyone, these only make up a small sliver of all shows for now, with the vast majority of them appropiate for younger people.

Now, the key word is "for now." In a few years, this type of cartoons may become mainstream and even accepted by people. Imagine a world where it'd be socially acceptable to watch Uncle Grandpa:

(Personally, for me, this was the time when I decided to stop smoking weed.)

Sounds like a pretty dire future, right?

So, while we don't have to put our children in schools where all technology is taboo and the toys consist of pinecones, it would be great if we kept the questionable shows away from children until they're older (Boxtrolls), boycott the ones which turned very inappropiate (Jonas Brothers), and finally, we should seal all episodes of Uncle Grandpa into a safe, and drop that abomination of cartoons into the Mariana Trench, never to be seen again.

So, that's it for today. Thanks for reading through this meaningless rambling, and see you next time!

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