Friday, October 31, 2014

Extremely Short Pseudo-Liveblog #3: Halloween Special! (Still About The Protests Though)

Hello once again, everyone!

Today's Halloween, as we all know. There are many traditions around the world to celebrate this holiday. In Sardinia, people carry asphodel stems; in Scotland, they carve apples, and toss the peels over their shoulders to know who their future spouses will be...

And here in Hungary, we grab our defunct keyboards and monitors and go to the streets.

Yup, the protests are still ongoing in Hungary, and due to that, the PM, Viktor Orbán, made an announcement:

"The extension of the telecommunication tax (official name of the net tax) can't be introduced in this form."

Yay, success! Get the confetti and the pizza, there won't be a tax on the internet!... Wait a second.

"...can't be introduced in this form."

Yup, while he admitted that the internet tax can't be implemented this way, he didn't say they wouldn't try to introduce it another way. And the internet tax is still in both the bill and the budget for 2015, so it's not at all guaranteed that they'll retract it.

The folks who organized the last two protests realized this as well, and announced another protest today to get this tax fully removed. Now, how many people will be there, and how this protest will turn out is completely unknown at this time, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be there even after this announcement.

So, like always: Short blogposts will be under this text, sources will be linked in brackets, sometimes with pictures. See you at 6:00 PM, GMT +1, as always!


6:48 PM, 2014/10/31: The music apparently scared everyone away (I bet it's Justin Bieber or something), it took 3 minutes for the people to completely dissipate into the bars nearby. (Hír24ATV)

Well then, this was really, really short. Unsettlingly so. I guess this could be blamed on the cold, or the fact that this was only announced 9 hours ago, but either way, the protest is over. Thanks for everyone following through (...Because there were people following this, right? No? Ok, no problem.), and see you next time!

6:42 PM, 2014/10/31: Oh, okay then. Apparently the protesters only came to party and relax after Sunday and Tuesday, which I can wholly understand. The only backside? I don't have anything to report on. 

6:37 PM, 2014/10/31: ...Wow man. That was it? That was really it? I guess that's it, since they have already sang the national anthem... Wow, this was short. (ATV)

6:31 PM, 2014/10/31: Eeyup, definitely an anti-government protest. Also, there are a lot less people than on Tuesday. (Hír24, ATV)

6:26 PM, 2014/10/31: The square is slowly, sloooooowly getting filled with people. Also, this is becoming more of an anti-government protest than one about the Internet tax. (ATV)

6:23 PM, 2014/10/31: Of course, even though the main event is the protest, the people didn't forget about Halloween either. (ATV)

6:18 PM, 2014/10/31: Annnd here we are again! ...Well, we are here, I am here, but the protesters aren't on the streets yet. As of right now, there are a few hundred people outside, so not exactly the amount of people from Tuesday. (Hír24)

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