Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pseudo-Liveblog #2: Protests in Hungary Again

Annnd hello yet again, everyone!

So, due to personal issues, I couldn't connect to the internet at all for the past few hours, let alone log in to Blogger and start liveblogging. (Why that was impossible is a story best left for another time.)

Anyway, the official protest has ended, but there are some people who are trying to extend it. But before we get into that, let's talk about what happened so far.

What we can safely deduct is that there were at least as many people at today's official protest as Sunday's, if not more than that. 

This time, they took a different route, going over Erzsébet Bridge to the Zero Kilometre Stone, where they encouraged everyone to take selfies with the stone and send them to the PM, symbolizing the amount of money they're willing to pay. Clever, I've got to say.

However, apparently the police closed down the road where they planned to go after the protest. I honestly think the government wants a full-scale riot/revolution.

Due to that, several thousand protesters decided to move to Kossuth Square, right before the Parliament, and that's where we are today.

So, you know the drill, blogposts will be below, original source in brackets, sometimes with pics. Let's do this, folks!


10:32 PM, 2014/10/28: Well, seems like the protest at Kossuth Square is pretty much over. There are still 1-200 people talking, the EU flag is still in the window, but there's no chanting or anything like that. No information about the people at Gyorskocsi street, though. (Index)

And with that, I think I'll consider this Pseudo-Liveblog over. Thanks for everyone who followed through this shortened liveblog, and see you tomorrow with the aftermath!

10:18 PM, 2014/10/28: Holy hell these sites lag so much.

Anyway, apparently, 2 brave and/or stupid people decided to ram into the wall of policemen, unsuccessfully. Also, an EU flag was flown from the Parliament. (Hír24Index)

10:08 PM, 2014/10/28: Correction: They have already went there, and there are 300 people in that group, not 35. (Index)

10:06 PM, 2014/10/28: Apparently, the protesters are planning to go to Gyorskocsi Street, where the protesters who were arrested on Sunday are held, and free them. Roughly 35 people have said they would partake in this. (Hír24, ATV)

10:01 PM, 2014/10/28: Annnd they're going away already. Some people are throwing insults at the police, but most of the people are just standing there, looking at the building, not doing anything. Police won't do anything either, since the situation "doesn't require riot control." (IndexHír24)

9:52 PM, 2014/10/28: So, there's the group of protesters, and there's a group full of weird/drunk people saying stuff that has nothing to do with the internet tax. And of course, every TV network has to record what they do instead of what the actual crowd does. (Index)

9:40 PM, 2014/10/28: Now, people want to put the flag of the EU on the Parliament. What does that have to do with the net tax? Don't ask me. (Hír24)

9:36 PM, 2014/10/28: A lot of policemen are in the area around the Parliament; there's no aggression between them and the crowd so far. (Hír24)

9:32 PM, 2014/10/28: By the way, there were several other protests as well, some of them abroad, like Warsaw or even London. (Index)

9:30 PM, 2014/10/28: Honestly, I can understand why people want to protest as much as they can. I heard the next protest would be at November 17th, 2014, so... yeah.

9:26 PM, 2014/10/28: People are continually flowing in to Kossuth Square, there are roughly 1,500-2,000 people there right now. (Index)

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