Monday, October 27, 2014

Aftermath of Yesterday's Protests + Pseudo-Liveblog #2 Pretty Much Confirmed

(Update: Due to personal issues, I may have to postpone Pseudo-Liveblog #2 by 2-3 hours, to 8:00-9:00 PM GMT+1, or resort to making another Aftermath post like this one. I apologize for any inconveniences.)

Hello yet again, everyone!

So, let's talk about yesterday's protest in Hungary. (If you don't want to read all that crap, just click "Read More" and scroll all the way down for the short version.) 

I have to say, it went by more peacefully than I thought. Only 6 people were arrested for disturbing the peace. This alone was quite surprising, but when people found out who would be investigating their case, the weirdness took a whole new level.

They gave the case to the police's Corruption Department.

(I have the feeling I'll have to use this pic a lot in the future.)

Okay, that's... a weird choice, but whatever, let's move on.

There were more than 10 thousand people at the protest in Budapest, and you may think a crowd of this size might make the state think twice before implementing the net tax.
And guess what, they did think about it, and they decided to put a limit on the tax: 2.8 dollars per month for people, and 20.5 dollars for companies. Success!

...If it wasn't for the fact that they already announced that back on Wednesday.

So yeah, the state gave exactly jackshit about the protesters, even though they promised that if they don't retract the bill completely until Tuesday 6:00 PM, they will go to the streets again. And since this clearly won't happen, we can except more of this:

And this:

And again, I'll be here to report on them, live. ...Well, not so much report on it as translate reports on it, but let's not argue about semantics now.


Short version: There was a large protest in Hungary, the state doesn't give a shit about it, and I might host another Pseudo-Liveblog, when the second protest will take place.

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