Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aftermath of the Protests #2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello, everyone!

So, there was another protest in Budapest yesterday, and there were two interesting things about it:

1.) For some reason, there were more people on this protest than the one on Sunday, and
2.) Still, it managed to be more peaceful than the first protest.

Even the Reuters reported on the issue, and while their approximation of 100,000 protesters seems a bit farfetched to me (roughly 15,000 people said they would go to the protest on Facebook), the crowd was huge enough that I could understand how one could believe this.

(At this point, I doubt anyone would care about the actual number.)

To add to this, there were protests in several other towns, both in the country and abroad as well. Even if Sunday's protests didn't make the government change its ways, this kind of unity, spanning across nations, should have made them at least think about retracting the internet tax bill, right? (Spoiler alert: Haha, nope.)
Yup, they didn't give a crap about it again. A member of the Fidesz party (which is leading the country at the moment) said "we won't retract the bill, but we will accept it in the best form possible". 
To add insult to injury, the state-owned television didn't even report on the protest, pretending those several thousand people just didn't exist.

(No, I haven't seen any protesters around. Now give me my white cane, would you?)

Did this make people give up? Not in the least. The next official protest was announced roughly 2 hours ago, and even though it's going to be on November 17th (read: a long-ass time from now), 9,000 people have already said they're going to be there. There are also unofficial protests being planned for the time being. So, you can except a ton of blog posts in the future about this matter. Until then, though, I'm off. See you next time!

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