Monday, February 29, 2016

Aftermath of the Protests #4: Yes, Seriously, There's More (feat. my opinion)

February 29th, 2016.

A 16-year-old student walks into his classroom in a regular high school. However, in the exact moment when he opens the door, he notices that something is off.

This student learns in a class which includes 35 people in total. However, as it turns out, the amount of kids who went to school that day is...

Well, take a guess. Come on, I won't bite.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Hungarian railway's train numbering system...

...will revolutionize railways as a whole in Hungary.

Let me chalk it up to all of you who haven't experienced this brilliance yet. This system is going to simplify memorizing different trains by reducing them to four categories:


1.) "személy" - lit. "passenger train"; stops everywhere (marked as S##, where ## is the number of train)
2.) "gyorsított" - "sped up"; skips a few stations (marked as G##)
3.) "zónázó" - "semi-express" (lit. "zoning"); stops everywhere until a set point, skips everything afterwards (marked as Z##)
4.) "express" - stops at one-two stations between terminals (marked as X10) (fun fact, only one of this exists so far, and that only goes back and forth once a week)


Also, it'll give them neato letter/number marks like this:

Do you know how much easier these combinations are to remember than "that one train which goes to the capital"? Seriously, I want to thank the genius who came up with this.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quick Status Update, A.K.A. Holy Crap, This Blog Isn't Dead

Hello once again, everyone!

Man, that was a long hiatus. Now, I guess you're wondering: "Where the heck did hamuka just go?". ...Or maybe you aren't, because, well...

Whatever, let's move on, because I have some news for whoever still cares about this blog.

Ever since the protests against the internet tax ended (officially anyway), I felt that I didn't really have anything to talk about, and thus, decided to just leave blogging for the next day. One day then became 2, then 3, then a week, you know how it is.

In the meantime, I wasn't resting, though; I had exams to do in school (speaking of which, I'll make part 2 of I'm a Middle Schooler sometime this month), and started writing music as well. Yes, that's right. If you're interested, here are the two tracks I made so far (note: I can't be held responsible for any injuries of the ear caused by the music).

Friday, October 31, 2014

Extremely Short Pseudo-Liveblog #3: Halloween Special! (Still About The Protests Though)

Hello once again, everyone!

Today's Halloween, as we all know. There are many traditions around the world to celebrate this holiday. In Sardinia, people carry asphodel stems; in Scotland, they carve apples, and toss the peels over their shoulders to know who their future spouses will be...

And here in Hungary, we grab our defunct keyboards and monitors and go to the streets.

Yup, the protests are still ongoing in Hungary, and due to that, the PM, Viktor Orbán, made an announcement:

"The extension of the telecommunication tax (official name of the net tax) can't be introduced in this form."

Yay, success! Get the confetti and the pizza, there won't be a tax on the internet!... Wait a second.

"...can't be introduced in this form."

Yup, while he admitted that the internet tax can't be implemented this way, he didn't say they wouldn't try to introduce it another way. And the internet tax is still in both the bill and the budget for 2015, so it's not at all guaranteed that they'll retract it.

The folks who organized the last two protests realized this as well, and announced another protest today to get this tax fully removed. Now, how many people will be there, and how this protest will turn out is completely unknown at this time, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be there even after this announcement.

So, like always: Short blogposts will be under this text, sources will be linked in brackets, sometimes with pictures. See you at 6:00 PM, GMT +1, as always!


6:48 PM, 2014/10/31: The music apparently scared everyone away (I bet it's Justin Bieber or something), it took 3 minutes for the people to completely dissipate into the bars nearby. (Hír24ATV)

Well then, this was really, really short. Unsettlingly so. I guess this could be blamed on the cold, or the fact that this was only announced 9 hours ago, but either way, the protest is over. Thanks for everyone following through (...Because there were people following this, right? No? Ok, no problem.), and see you next time!

6:42 PM, 2014/10/31: Oh, okay then. Apparently the protesters only came to party and relax after Sunday and Tuesday, which I can wholly understand. The only backside? I don't have anything to report on. 

6:37 PM, 2014/10/31: ...Wow man. That was it? That was really it? I guess that's it, since they have already sang the national anthem... Wow, this was short. (ATV)

6:31 PM, 2014/10/31: Eeyup, definitely an anti-government protest. Also, there are a lot less people than on Tuesday. (Hír24, ATV)

6:26 PM, 2014/10/31: The square is slowly, sloooooowly getting filled with people. Also, this is becoming more of an anti-government protest than one about the Internet tax. (ATV)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random, Meaningless Ramblings #1: "Children's Cartoons", "Games for Children", and How Inappropiate They Are

Hello again, everyone!

As I've said before, the next protest in Hungary is supposed to be on November 17th, and even if it's brought to an earlier date, it's going to be a long, looong time from now.

So, until then, I'm going to talk about other stuff as well. And I'd like to start this off by talking about how inappropiate and harmful today's things "for children" really are.


Let's start off with what made pushed me over the edge:

That's right: Neopets has created a freaking plague doctor mask as a buyable item, and no one raised an eyebrow. Also, it's supposed to transform into something else over time, so I'm getting 99% sure they're gonna make an Ebola joke out of this.

 But that's not the only inappropiate thing in today's media for children. For example, there's the show which has an intro equivalent to an acid trip:

Or there's the show which, while not for children, certainly looks like one at first glance, and which I hopefully don't have to introduce to anyone reading this:

(If you don't know what this show is, congratulations, your childhood wasn't ruined yet.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aftermath of the Protests #2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello, everyone!

So, there was another protest in Budapest yesterday, and there were two interesting things about it:

1.) For some reason, there were more people on this protest than the one on Sunday, and
2.) Still, it managed to be more peaceful than the first protest.

Even the Reuters reported on the issue, and while their approximation of 100,000 protesters seems a bit farfetched to me (roughly 15,000 people said they would go to the protest on Facebook), the crowd was huge enough that I could understand how one could believe this.

(At this point, I doubt anyone would care about the actual number.)

To add to this, there were protests in several other towns, both in the country and abroad as well. Even if Sunday's protests didn't make the government change its ways, this kind of unity, spanning across nations, should have made them at least think about retracting the internet tax bill, right? (Spoiler alert: Haha, nope.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pseudo-Liveblog #2: Protests in Hungary Again

Annnd hello yet again, everyone!

So, due to personal issues, I couldn't connect to the internet at all for the past few hours, let alone log in to Blogger and start liveblogging. (Why that was impossible is a story best left for another time.)

Anyway, the official protest has ended, but there are some people who are trying to extend it. But before we get into that, let's talk about what happened so far.

What we can safely deduct is that there were at least as many people at today's official protest as Sunday's, if not more than that. 

This time, they took a different route, going over Erzsébet Bridge to the Zero Kilometre Stone, where they encouraged everyone to take selfies with the stone and send them to the PM, symbolizing the amount of money they're willing to pay. Clever, I've got to say.

However, apparently the police closed down the road where they planned to go after the protest. I honestly think the government wants a full-scale riot/revolution.

Due to that, several thousand protesters decided to move to Kossuth Square, right before the Parliament, and that's where we are today.

So, you know the drill, blogposts will be below, original source in brackets, sometimes with pics. Let's do this, folks!


10:32 PM, 2014/10/28: Well, seems like the protest at Kossuth Square is pretty much over. There are still 1-200 people talking, the EU flag is still in the window, but there's no chanting or anything like that. No information about the people at Gyorskocsi street, though. (Index)

And with that, I think I'll consider this Pseudo-Liveblog over. Thanks for everyone who followed through this shortened liveblog, and see you tomorrow with the aftermath!

10:18 PM, 2014/10/28: Holy hell these sites lag so much.

Anyway, apparently, 2 brave and/or stupid people decided to ram into the wall of policemen, unsuccessfully. Also, an EU flag was flown from the Parliament. (Hír24Index)

10:08 PM, 2014/10/28: Correction: They have already went there, and there are 300 people in that group, not 35. (Index)

10:06 PM, 2014/10/28: Apparently, the protesters are planning to go to Gyorskocsi Street, where the protesters who were arrested on Sunday are held, and free them. Roughly 35 people have said they would partake in this. (Hír24, ATV)

10:01 PM, 2014/10/28: Annnd they're going away already. Some people are throwing insults at the police, but most of the people are just standing there, looking at the building, not doing anything. Police won't do anything either, since the situation "doesn't require riot control." (IndexHír24)